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Franz Jachim I've enjoyed reading your article and interpretation. These are valid points about online communication. If 2/3 of communication are non-verbal and that channel is inhibited through the digital medium then might communication be impaired?

Franz, I'm a software engineer and I'm currently working on a chat application. I'm trying to represent aspects of communication that other applications might have missed. The analysis and illumination of body-language in online communication is an interesting thought and you have some good ideas regarding this; Ideas where I might start, however it is this line that most intrigues me “As online communication proliferates further, more unambiguous nonverbal signals, ingrained in software functionality, might emerge as a welcome alternation or even as necessity.”

Hypothetically speaking, regarding that quote above, what kind of mechanisms might such an application include to make nonverbal signals less ambiguous? I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on the matter. Please get back to me some time, I've included my email address in the comment form.



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