Gnowsis wins 3rd place at ESTC 2009 Innovation Seed Camp

We WON! 3rd priceWe are very happy to announce that has won the 3rd price at this year's ESTC Innovation Seedcamp! A big thank you to the jury, and congratulations to the winners Collibra and flimmit!


We are (very briefly) mentioned in the online version of diepresse:

Ach ja: Zu Siegern im Wettbewerb wurden das belgische Unternehmen Collibra (Business-Software), Flimmit und das Wiener Start-up Gnowsis, das Managern dabei helfen will, sich an wichtige Dinge zu erinnern, gekürt.

I uploaded some pictures of the event, Martina Gallova and Ingrid Brunner-Sauermann and myself took them.

We WON! 3rd priceMartina Gallova, gnowsis.comLeo Sauermann,

I even prepared a speech, in the case of us winning. Martina and I brainstormed it in 20 seconds and since we won 3rd, I could really use it to address the audience: "I want to thank God for the idea and our team to realise it!"

Thanks again to the organisers of the event, especially Alexander Wahler and Hannes A. Schwetz, to make it possible; and to the jury to appreciate our company.

flimmit, the 2nd place winner, also published a press blog (in German)